Why an App for Parents, Tweens and Sex?

Parents are horrified when they realize their children are entering into early puberty and are becoming sexually aware. They want to protect the innocence of their tweens but how do they help them navigate the media, internet and advertising where ‘sex sells’ everything and porn is so mainstream? How do parents support tweens; educate them and protect them? Can parents and tweens enjoy exploring the many different barriers to resolving sexual issues including sexual orientation, relationship status or social norms?

This App rises to the challenge!


What tweens are saying about PTS

“This app is different to the same old sex-ed, I just wanted to start using it because I could easily find information about the sex stuff I was really interested in like how to get away with saying ‘no’ to tricky situations.”

“I loved getting around this app and getting into topics like understanding what sex IQ is and working out relationships. The quizzes got me thinking about choices I could make.”

“The videos were my favourite part of this app; it made the stories come to life and I really feel I could ‘get’ where the characters were coming from and that made it easier to talk to mum and dad about it afterwards.”


About the creator

Sarah Calleja is a wife; mother; mentor; wannabe celebrity/multimillionaire app developer and the proud owner of laugh lines! She had a dream to empower parents and mentors to be the ‘go to’ person for their tweens when needing to discuss confronting sexual issues.

She is also an endorsed Counselling Psychologist and a Clinical Sexologist. Her first book “give it a go girl!” dealt with the complex transition from primary to secondary school.


Collaboration with Swinburne University

I would like to acknowledge the tremendous collaborative effort of both staff and students at the Faculty of Design, Swinburne University of Technology. Having a history with Swinburne University, I approached the Head of Communication Design, Nicki Wragg, to discuss the possibility of working collaboratively with the students. Nicki understood the importance of the project and the educational benefits for her students in the Honours program.

She created a design team of lecturers and honours students who worked at the cutting edge of digital applications and responsive design. I would like to acknowledge their extraordinary creativity and professionalism through their rigour and dedication to Parents, Tweens and Sex.

Media and all Inquiries

Sarah is a respected media consultant and comments on a diverse range of issues for national television including The Project, Today Tonight and a documentary for ‘Good Medicine, Good Sex’. She consults for newspapers & magazines.

As a trainer, Sarah has presented at International; National and State conferences, and has run training seminars for her peers. Sarah’s use of humour as part of her infotainment package makes her a popular speaker as she inspires and challenges her audience and provides realistic strategies to make a positive difference to their lives.


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What Other People Are Saying About Parents, Tweens and Sex

"I confidently recommend the ‘Parents, Tweens and Sex’ as an effective and engaging tool which  provides stimuli to discuss confronting sexual issues. "  - D.T. Houguet-Pincham,  Former CEO of depressionNet


"I recommend ‘Parents, tweens and sex’ which uses cutting edge technology to make the topic of sexuality approachable and relevant to young people." - Dr. Marcus Squirrell, Clinical Psychologist (MAPS)


“This App is a fabulous resource that explores current sexual trends and offers clues on how to keep the airwaves open between parents and tweens - speaking their language and tuning in to their world.”  - Lynda Carlyle, Sex and Relationship Therapist, Past President ASSERT National


“Parents, tweens and sex takes advantage of high quality design and video to present the hard truths, facts and options available to parents and tweens in an open and engaging digital publication” - Steven Murdoch, BA  Program Coordinator, Digital Media Design Swinburne University of Technology